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Our English Website is under construction. Please visit the French sections for a complete version. For more information on how we can help you achieve your online business goals, give us a call at
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MixoWeb is a services shop matched with a web mix optimization team to boost your online business.

Our team develops and uses exclusive technologies

MixoWeb R

Specialized reports
Certified by Google

SEO Search engine optimization, SEM Search engine marketing, Google Ads, Google Displays, Facebook, Gmail.

Mixoweb SOCIAL

Social networks
management platform

Management, optimization, content creation, video, contest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, SnapChat.

MixoWeb W

Cloud PHP platform or WordPress proprietary template

Online shopping cart, website, content, inbound marketing, graphic design, landing page, eCommerce, email, UX user experience, site map.

Mixoweb GO

Not-for-profit organizations & foundations

In addition to giving you access to MixoWeb technologies for SEO, social networks and website creation, MixoWeb GO offers a complete solution to not-for-profit organizations through its Web platform for strategic management of online fundraising, to create, track and control events. Peer to Peer marketing has become a staple in fundraising, and MixoWeb GO helps foundations and not-for-profits organizations achieve their goals through new and powerful online marketing tools. MixoWeb GO can meet their particular needs while respecting their budgets. Thanks to the substantial discount we give them, more organizations and foundations can take advantage of professional online marketing services and fulfill their mission. With a CakePHP programming approach, we developped a platform that uses the latest e-commerce technologies as well as a cloud management dashboard of events and donations.

Philanthropy is an important area of expertise for us. We believe in fair trade, social responsibility and sustainable development of society. We strongly believe that companies serve their customers, their employees and their partners, but they also have an impact and a responsibility to the community and the planet. That’s why we seek to encourage positive social change by putting our technologies at the service of education, health and the environment.


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